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Talking About Door Options

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Talking About Door Options

Finding The Right Garage Door Material For You: A Design Perspective

Loïc Lecomte

When selecting a new garage door, one common mistake among homeowners is to prioritize appearance over all other factors. Yet as any good garage designer knows, there are many other things that deserve your consideration. If you would like to learn more about the sorts of considerations you should take into account when selecting a material for your garage door, read on. This article will discuss the particular advantages of three of the most common garage door materials.


Wood is the most highly prized material for a garage door, thanks to the fact that it brings an unparalleled degree of natural beauty. Not only that, but wood doors allow for an incredible amount of architectural detailing. So long as it is kept in good condition, a wood garage door will add considerably to the value of your home.

The most glaring disadvantage of wood garage doors is their high price range. Equally important to recognize, however, is the fact that wood will require serious maintenance efforts as the years go on. Otherwise a wood door may fall prey to rot, mold growth, and other problems that can compromise not only its appearance, but also its structural integrity. As a result, wood doors tend to be protected by very short warranties.


As you can likely guess, steel presents an especially attractive option from the point of view of security. As a material, its strength and durability are virtually beyond compare. As a result, steel garage doors often come with quite generous warranties. Not only that, but a steel door is also a wonderful insulator, which is an important consideration for those with heated garages. It is also important to understand that the range of color choices are virtually limitless for a steel door.

The main drawback of a steel door is its price, which tends to be much higher than options such as fiberglass and vinyl. That said, a steel door is generally less expensive than a wood door. Depending on the thickness of the door, steel is also susceptible to denting. Should the paint or exterior layer become damaged, the steel may develop rust, which is the number one enemy of such doors.


Aluminum doors are an increasingly popular choice, thanks to the fact that they offer a level of strength comparable to that of steel. Yet they also possess one important advantage compared to steel: they are not susceptible to rust or most forms of corrosion. That makes aluminum doors an especially popular choice for those who live in marine environments.

Aluminum doors tend to fall within the same basic price range as steel doors; in other words, neither option is particularly inexpensive. An aluminum door is slightly more susceptible to denting than a steel door. Finally, it is important to realize that you will get little insulation from an aluminum door alone. Therefore, those in cold climates often choose to upgrade an aluminum door by installing a high R-value along its inside face.

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