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Talking About Door Options

3 Signs Your Office Sliding Doors Need Repair

Loïc Lecomte

Having automatic doors for your office, whether you are in an accounting firm, dental office, or other professional setting, creates a sense of organization and safety for you and your clients. When your sliding doors work as they should, they open and close seamlessly and with few issues. When there are problems with the doors, you can experience anything from mechanical errors to actual human injury from doors that don't open fast enough or panels that close too fast. Here are three signs your office sliding doors need repair.

Poor sensory control

Automatic doors use sensors to detect people and objects in their way. This is what causes them to open. When these sensors are working as they should, the doors open within a few feet of approach. When they are not working well, the doors can open or close unpredictably, which can cause bodily harm or other damage. If your doors are acting erratically, then they may begin to close rapidly or open too slowly, or fail to function at all when they are approached, which can be devastating. 

Track issues

The track is responsible for allowing your doors to slide open and close with ease. The track is usually lined with rubber to keep debris out from under the doors. The track is lubricated with oil and affixed to pulleys so it can move the doors with ease. Track issues can be minor from torn rubber lining to more complex, such as a loose gear or pulley. You will know you have an issue when your doors rattle or jerk when they open or close, or get stuck for no apparent reason.

Broken or slipping glass

Automatic doors are often reinforced with at least two panels of glass to keep them sturdy and able to withstand winds and objects that come against them. They can become chipped, broken, or even slip out of their seals for a variety of reasons: someone walking into the door, mechanical damage, or faulty original installation. Talk to an automatic door installation expert  like Access Door & Glass Inc to diagnose how bad your window issues are and to get replacement glass.

If you notice you are having issues with your automatic doors at your office, it's best to call an installation expert right away so you can prevent potential injury to yourself or to your clients. When you call a technician, they will come to your property to give you an estimate for repairs prior to beginning work for you.