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Talking About Door Options

Aluminum Vs. Fiberglass Impact Windows

Loïc Lecomte

When it comes to impact windows, most homeowners' main criteria is low maintenance. That is, they value easy maintenance over style or price. Of course, a product that is easier and cheaper to maintain could end up paying for itself over time through reduced longterm maintenance investments. There are a number of great choices to think about, but aluminum and fiberglass are two of the most common. This article compares the two materials, and should help you decide which is best for your upgrade.

Aluminum Windows are Cheap and Durable

Aluminum windows are waterproof, but they can get rusty if the electrostatic paint finish wears off. This is a concern on the movable, especially sliding, windows. Aluminum windows are very affordable, but they require a little more maintenance than vinyl. They aren't available in as many styles, colors, textures. Many people think that aluminum windows don't have any style. That being said, most homes have neutral window sashes with a low profile. The window sash material isn't always that important when it comes to style if the window is recessed or kitted with wooden molding. So, aluminum is a perfectly functional, practical, and affordable choice, even if it isn't the most stylish or lowest maintenance.

Fiberglass Windows are More Expensive But More Waterproof

Fiberglass is another low maintenance window material. Remember that fiberglass is what most surfboards are made out of, so you can rest assured that it is a perfectly waterproof material. Even if the paint finish on a fiberglass window fades or wears off over time, your sashes will remain waterproof.

Fiberglass has decent energy efficiency ratings, and comes in a wider variety of styles than aluminum. It also has a warmer, softer look. Where an aluminum window might look more comfortable and natural in modern, industrial construction, fiberglass windows, with softer textures, can look more homey and fit in with most residential construction styles.

In the end, both aluminum and fiberglass can be great choices for impact window construction. Most importantly, they are both waterproof, which has a huge impact on how much maintenance they need. You just need to choose the style that you want. If you live somewhere particularly wet, aluminum might not be the best choice because it is slightly more susceptible to water damage if the paint finish wears off. However, it is a strong and reliable option. Since it is more affordable than fiberglass, it might be your top choice. Contact a company like The Screen Shop Inc for more help.