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Talking About Door Options

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Talking About Door Options

Prefabricated Vs. Custom Entry Doors

Loïc Lecomte

If you want to make a statement with your entry doors, wood is the material to go for. There are a wide range of wooden door options to choose from, from pre-fabricated hollow doors to custom, solid products. There is obviously no right or wrong material option, but some products are going to be more expensive than others. These are also doors that will add more class and value to your home. This article compares the different types of residential entry doors.

Custom Wood Doors

Custom made hardwood doors are built by craftsmen. They are very fun for homeowners who want to create a custom look that you can't find from prefabricated doors. The cost of more expensive hardwoods, coupled with the custom residential door installation services and design, can make them several times more expensive than prefabricated doors, even if they are made out of solid wood. But when you pay a skilled woodworker to design and build your door, you end up with a unique product that is like no other. You can choose to install high quality and rare woods. Then you can apply unique stains that will put your personal mark on your door. When you have your door custom built, it is also easier to put a different finish on the inside. So if you have a different color scheme inside your house, your door can still match. Most prefabricated doors have the same finish on the inside and outside.

Prefabricated Doors

Despite the obvious attraction of custom crafted doors, you cannot discount the great styles and quality of prefabricated doors. Of course, there are cheaper products that are hollow and sold at a fraction of the price. However, most entry doors are going to be made out of solid wood. Prefabricated doors are made in most standard sizes, so it can be restricting if you have doors that need to be made to a custom size. If you doors are normal size, you will have plenty of styles to choose from.

Being able to walk into a store and find a stylish prefabricated door that can be installed very easily is a convenience that most will appreciate. Ultimately, whether you decide to install a prefabricated door or have a custom door built to your specifications, you will love having a fun new style feature in your entryway. New doors can be conversation pieces that revive any home entry.