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Talking About Door Options

4 Common Problems That Cause Automatic Doors To Fail And How To Deal With Them

Loïc Lecomte

There are different types of automatic doors used in commercial buildings. These doors use mechanical systems to allow them to open or close automatically. There are different types of mechanisms that can fail with automatic doors, and you may want to know how to deal with these problems. The following automatic door problems are some of the issues you may face and need to know how to fix.

1. One-Way Doors and Preventing Problems with Actuators That Close Them

One of the most common types of automatic doors used in commercial buildings are one-way doors. These types of doors help prevent energy loss in high-traffic areas and add security to businesses. They use an actuator or spring that causes the door to automatically close when it is left open. Sometimes, the actuators can wear out and need to be replaced. Keeping the springs and actuators of automatic doors greased will help to prevent these types of problems.

2. Failing Motion Sensors That Cause Your Automatic Doors to Not Work Properly

Some commercial automatic doors use motion sensors to open when someone walks within range. These motion sensors can wear and get dirty, causing them not to work correctly. Cleaning the sensors will help prevent these problems. If cleaning the sensors does not cause the problem with your automatic doors, then they probably need to be replaced or there may be other problems that a repair service will need to diagnose.

3. Worn-out Motors That Cause Doors to Open Slowly or Not Open at All

Over time, the motors that operate different types of automatic doors can wear out. Sometimes, the worn motors may only cause doors to open slowly, which can be a hazard if they open too slowly. The motors can also completely fail, and in both cases, you will want to have the motors replaced to ensure doors are working properly.

4. Chains, Belts, and Tracks That Wear Out with Automatic Door Openers

There are also other parts of automatic doors that can wear out, such as chains, belts, pulleys, and tracks. When your automatic doors are not working properly, you will want to check these parts to ensure they do not need to be replaced. To prevent wear of these parts and failures that lead to costlier repairs, make sure to grease automatic door parts regularly.

These are some of the common problems that you may face with the automatic doors of your business. If you need help with repairs and maintenance, contact an automatic door repair service to ensure your doors are working properly.