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Talking About Door Options

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Talking About Door Options

Window Inserts Will Transform the Appearance of Your Entry Door

Loïc Lecomte

If your entry door is still in good shape, but you're ready for a new look, consider adding a window insert. Adding a window insert is much less expensive than installing a new door, and the insert transforms the appearance of your door making it look new. Here are some options in window inserts and a quick look at how they're installed.

Inserts Come In Many Styles

You can add a small window at the top of your door or put a window in that covers half or almost all of the door. You can add a window insert even if you have a solid door now, but if your door already has a window, you can change the size of the window or just change the type of glass. You can also change the transom and sidelite inserts so your entry door looks entirely different.

You Can Choose The Type of Glass Too

The glass you choose might be privacy glass or decorative. Decorative glass can be quite attractive when it has metal designs that hold smaller pieces of glass together. You might also want the clear glass to let in the most light and to provide the best view. You can choose impact glass so intruders can't break in, or you can choose basic glass that is tempered and crumbles rather than breaking into shards. You might also want to consider energy efficiency and buy triple pane or tinted glass.

Window Insert Installation Could Be a DIY Project

If you're handy with home improvement skills, you might be able to install new window inserts yourself. However, you won't have trouble finding a professional to do the work for you, and the cost should be less than installing a new door. 

Window inserts are installed differently when you start with a solid door compared to a door that already has windows you just want to swap. When you change out inserts, you may be able to do it without taking the door off the hinges. It's a matter of unscrewing the frame around the old insert so it can be pulled out. The new insert is then put in place and secured with screws. This requires two people, with one person on each side of the door.

If your door is solid, then the door has to be taken down so a hole can be cut for the new insert. Careful and precise measurements are necessary when buying inserts and when making the cuts. Once the hole is in the door, the insert is installed by screwing the frame to the door and then the door is hung back on the hinges.

When finished, your door has a new look and you'll have more natural lighting if you started with a solid door. The best part is your new door is just a fraction of the cost of buying a new entry door and having it installed. For more information, contact companies like Pat's Doors Inc.