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Talking About Door Options

Wrought Iron Choices For A Door Window Insert

Loïc Lecomte

Adding a window insert to your front door offers style and function. When you begin to shop for this glass product, you'll be pleased to see just how many different styles are available on the market. While some homeowners are happy with a plain-looking window insert, others favor something that offers an ornate look. If you're among the latter group, a window insert with wrought iron bars between the two panes of glass may offer the look you want. This style can particularly work well if you have various wrought iron decorative elements at the front of your home. Here are some points to think about as you look at different wrought iron designs.


You'll see wrought iron in several different shapes when you browse a selection of window inserts. Some inserts simply feature wrought iron bars that are straight and either run vertically or cross vertically and horizontally. There are many other products in which the wrought iron bars are curved. Some even loosely depict certain objects. For example, you may see a product in which the wrought iron bars look vaguely reminiscent of tree branches. Think about what shape would offer the best look at the front of your home, and shop accordingly.


You'll also get to decide what color of wrought iron will look best in your window insert. There may be a small selection of colors available, and you can think about the look of these colors and consider how well they each match the front of your home. Common colors for wrought iron in this application include black, white, and gray. Black wrought iron offers a traditional look that can tie in well if you have black elsewhere at the front of the residence—for example, a black garage door. A lighter color such as white can be suitable if the front of your home is predominantly light in color.


Another detail to think about is the thickness of the wrought iron bars. As you browse different window inserts that feature wrought iron, you'll see that the thickness can vary a little. Some people like thin wrought iron, as it creates a stylish look but still allows the window to look fairly open, while others like the stronger presence that think wrought iron offers. Consider each of these points as you check out a selection of window inserts with wrought iron bars, and choose the best one for your front door.

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